Mishcatt | Musician

Introducing pop’s freshest and coolest face, MishCatt. Inside each of us are endless possibilities. There are so many people we can become, voices we can speak with, personalities we can embrace. You never know what might awaken within. It was travel that awoke these possibilities in Mish, a free-spirited girl from San Jose, Costa Rica who grew up singing, playing guitar and piano, and using the studio as a sanctuary for expression and sonic exploration. She was born to artistic parents who encouraged creativity and taught her about intuition and how to feel music. Last year, she left home and trekked from Portugal and Spain to France and Germany on her way to record in Sweden. As she moved through Europe, Mish bought a guitar for twenty bucks and traded music for food and housing. She learned new points of view and raised new opinions. The people who struck Mish the most were the people in the streets: the artists, the refugees. As she spoke to them, Mish saw that there can be a moment in which you forget yourself and your suffering and focus only on creation.

Through this emotional awakening, Catt was born: a fearless, impulsive, mystic alter-ego. Mish discovered that Catt overflowed with love and compassion, and encouraged people to remember their dreams and creativity. Catt had no filters and ran on pure intuition. In that moment, Mish realized that she needed Catt, just as Catt needed Mish. These two personalities grew together and became MishCatt, an artist who uses art and music to empower the listener and spreads love to everyone she meets.

MishCatt’s first EP, Highlighter, was recorded in Sweden with Pontus Winnberg (Miike Snow, Amason). It represents her first collaborative creation and reveals a sonic jungle that veers between analog and digital, building layers of psychedelic sound and texture. It showcases the beginning of her sound, which she sometimes refers to as space pop, but it also offers a glimpse of MishCatt’s musical evolution. The songs, inspired by artists like Prince and Sade, are the beginning of the something, with no limits beyond them. MishCatt was born with synesthesia, a perceptual condition of mixed senses, and she sees colors and shapes in each track she writes. She wants to show the world the way she experiences music, and hopes that the Highlighter EP and the visuals she pairs with it can begin that sensory introduction.

Her latest premiere “Another Dimension” is spunky, eccentric, and recently remixed by the one and only Miike Snow. Click the play button above and support!

Image courtesy of MishCatt.