Laci Jordan

Meet is Laci Jordan – originally from Huntsville, Alabama & now residing in the Greater Los Angeles area. A graphic designer, blogger, and lover of all things pop culture, who spent four years at the University of Alabama earning two degrees: Bachelors of Arts in Criminal Justice and a Bachelors of Arts in Digital Media.

While gaining her education in Digital Media she learned to expand her creativity in different formats: design, illustration, visual art, and photography. Currently working as a graphic designer at Creative Artists Agency while also balancing a freelance career, she’s learned to specialize in the art of storytelling and creating

“The best designs (and ideas) possible for the client. My specialities include: branding, visual art, digital illustrations, web and art direction. When not designing, chances are I’m trying to figure out how to eat ice cream while losing weight, exploring the city of LA, or diving head first into new music and pop culture.”

We are absolutely love Laci’s work. Feminine, edgy, and empowering. Support!

Image courtesy of Laci Jordan.