Made In Heights | Music

“Sometimes our dreams are so brilliant and our desires so mysterious that we lock them deep inside ourselves to feed and play with only when we sleep. As if acknowledging them in waking life will betray the veil of control we shroud around our lives. But sooner or later every thought becomes manifest, and every dream finds a way into this world, whether by will or by war.”

Made In Heights started as a series of hang outs in New York where Kelsey Bulkin and Alexei Saba would walk a lot, talk a lot, and eat at bodegas. They explored the wilderness of our ideas, the steep and elegant climbs of our imagination, the desires trapped inside of them, and the murky mistakes that seem imperative to the process of becoming true.

MIH is my favorite find of the week. Their Sexy/RnB/Electro sound (hard to describe any other way) has definitely left me wanting more. Check out their full album below and visit their website for a free download of their track “Death” – love them!