Leah McMullen and Carrie Erickson | Stylists

Style consultants, Leah McMullen and Carrie Erickson, specialize in menswear and hospitality. I’ve always been a fan men’s clothing and its simplicity. Men and women can definitely learn a few tips from these awesome fashionistas. These gals run the Twin City fashion scene, but work all over the United States, from Los Angeles to New York.

“We help you find your own individual style. We don’t have one significant point of view on how men should dress and we definitely do not want all of our clients to look the same. Your personality, lifestyle and daily reality must be reflected in our styling work with you.”

Leah McMullen (right) studied Kung Fu fashion with zen masters on top of a mountain. Her experience lends her a spiritual non-violent type quality of total fashion comprehension. She knows what you want to wear even before she’s ever met you. In the stillness you’ll sense her calmness.

Carrie Erickson (left) was raised roping wild horses on an Australian mountain range. She can show haute couture who’s the boss with her bullwhip and down to earth cowgirl sense. From Paris to Milan to Manhattan she’s left behind a trail of busted up sissy pants now dressed in a tough rugged style. Her boots were made for ass kicking.

For information about styling packages and more check out Blackjove.com.

Love this lady duo! x/o