Interview With IYVES on Her Return With the Release of EP “Chromatic”

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Following one of the most-talked about debuts of recent times, picking up critical acclaim across the likes of PIGEONS & PLANES, THE FADER, NOISEY, NYLON and STEREOGUM, IYVES returns in stunning fashion with the release of her new EP “Chromatic”.

IYVES gave the first taste of her highly-anticipated new body of work with the standout, electronic-infused “Not Afraid to Fall” in March. Now unleashing the complete project, title track “Chromatic” is a stark reminder of why IYVES remains one of the most exciting emerging acts coming out of the US right now.

The Brooklyn-based artist conjures a distinctly cool, electronic-tipped environment that allows that subtle yet infinitely-penetrating vocal to wash over it. Creating an innately calm, sharpening effect, Chromatic spans the genres of electro-pop to more languid R&B sounds to create a palette that conjures technical and innovative comparison to the likes of FKA Twigs and Nao.

A supremely polished and confident statement of intent, IYVES is on superlative form with this new EP, and it’s a timely reminder of exactly what we’ve been missing since her hiatus in 2015.

Get to know the new Queen of electro-pop, who is well on her way to being the new face during this era of female dominance in music.

Congratulations on the release of your debut EP ‘Chromatic’! We’ve listened to it non-stop on our end. Where did you gather songwriting inspiration for this album?

Thanks so much! I’m so happy to hear that. The main inspiration for this body of work came from the pain of the end of a longterm relationship. I was totally heartbroken yet, I discovered a whole new relationship with my self. I grew up so much within this time period. The experience of writing this material was both cathartic and informative for me. I felt like I was moving mountains and opening new places in my heart, mind, and my voice that I hadn’t discovered until writing ‘Chromatic’.

What initially inspired you to pursue music?

I’ve always gravitated towards music from a young age. I used to write promise notes to myself that I would become a professional singer. So here I am today still on that mission!

Tell us about the message behind ‘Not Afraid To Fall’. I love the intimacy and rawness of the track.

Thank you! This is a special song to me. I wrote this coming from the perspective that I was taken by surprise that I was ready to let go of my past (relationship) and move towards a new path, a new person and new me. This song is sort of an anthem I wrote for myself to know that I’m going to be alright.

The renewed discussion of feminism is playing a major role in today’s music industry. What words of wisdom can you share with aspiring female musicians and entrepreneurs on how to overcome gender discrimination?

Use your voice. Don’t try to conform to something you think you should be and be exactly who you are, people will gravitate towards that. Also, always always surround yourself with people that love and respect you and that you can trust. It’s really difficult to find people like this (especially in this industry) but, they are out there and the right ones will come along if you stay true to that.

How has your experience living in Brooklyn influenced your music?

I have been living in New York going on 5 years now and this city has been extremely influential in my songwriting and production. The sounds, bustle, smells and energy of a place like New York just infuses itself into my creative process. There is much creative energy in New York that I can find inspiration almost anywhere I go. I have also found myself looking inward to the nostalgia of my Colorado roots and have pulled a lot of inspiration from the west. I miss being close to great outdoors and mountains. I think living in such a drastically different place inspires me to fuse together my two worlds.

What do you want your fans to take away from your music?

I hope this body of work and work to come will resonate with listeners who are going through or have gone through lose and heartbreak but, also gained a whole new understanding of self love. This is a multidimensional EP where I wanted to focus on the different kind of relationships we experience at one point in time – with ourselves and others. I hope that fans will be inspired and be moved my music. That is the ultimate hope.

Name one person dead or alive who you’d love to cut a record with and why?

I would love to cut a record with Prince. He was so prolific and inspirational in so much music I listen to. He was a true all around innovator, that would be a dream to collaborate!

I find it admirable how open you are about taking a hiatus from music. How have you learned to balance your work and personal life, and why do you feel this is important for all creatives to practice?

Sometimes you just have to live a little and experience the things that life brings to inform your art. Although, it’s hard sometimes I have found it’s ok to not always feel creative. I find that in these lulls I am just gearing up for something big to come.

What’s your interpretation of a Raw Femme?

Bold, vulnerable, uncensored and unapologetically real.

Welcome back, we’re sure be hearing a lot more from her in 2018.