The Work of Painter Lindsey Cherek


Meet Minneapolis based painter, Lindsey Cherek, an artist who paints to understand and create dialog around the human experience of marginalized individuals. Her process involves attention to light and space and the use of color to evoke emotion reflecting her subject matter. She relies heavily on her intuition to make energetic marks and create a kinesthetic composition. As a queer woman and feminist she is interested in intersectionality in all aspects of her work. She wants to bring light to the honest of our bodies, and the ways they are represented and visible in society.

The piece, 'Intersections', caught our attention immediately. The artwork is oil on tin type photography created in collaboration with the incredibly talented, Carla Alexandra Rodriguez, visual artist of Blkk Hand. The collaborative piece was made for Black Magic Woman. Lindsey & Carla beautifully illustrated the relation of photography and painting in contemporary art. Support their work!