Charli XCX Steamy Cameo-Packed ‘Boys’ Video

Charli XCX recently released her self-directed, hot boy-packed music video for her summer anthem “Boys”. Feel free to thank her for doing us ladies a favor, however, we absolutely love the true message behind the babelicious video.

In an interview with BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac, Charli XCX outlined her thinking behind the clip, addressing its gender role reversal. “They’re basically doing all the sexy things that girls usually do in videos,” she said. “I started thinking about all the guys that I’ve worked with or met [throughout all] my years in the industry… I just want to flip the male gaze on its head and have you guys do the sexy stuff.” Instead of using the men as mere anonymous props like the video girls they’re based on, though, Charli really features the boys. She gives them specific tasks that are innocent in some way, from throwing confetti to reading books to eating sweets. As a result, the video becomes a slideshow of alternative masculinity, exhibited in various ways by men of different races, body types, and styles. There’s no one way “a man should be” here (unless “fun, flirty, and sweet as candy” counts), so there ends up being a little something for everyone.

Click the play button above and enjoy!