Artist Spotlight: Concept

In Episode 2 of the Artist Spotlight series, Raw Femme pays a visit to Concept, a Las Vegas based custom clothing shop founded by Joe and Alexa Jimenez. The married duo, along with their talented staff, are custom clothiers and sample makers for businesses, clothing lines, and public figures. They are the go-to embroiders for many well-known streetwear brands that currently operate out of Las Vegas, such as KNYEW. They have also created their own brands of clothing, Shop Originals and Goddess, both consisting of all hand-crafted and custom designed pieces.

I have been the best of friends for over 20 years with these amazing humans. Alexa has always been fashionable, never afraid to push new trends and styles. Watching her build her brand Goddess has been a true inspiration to me. But to see her build an empire alongside her amazing partner in life and in business, well that’s truly admirable. Joe has built this company from the ground up, overcoming hardships and tough days, never allowing any hurdles to stand in their way. He’s the friend with all the right words of encouragement. It’s been an honor to experience their journey first hand. I couldn’t have asked for a better interview to share on a day where we celebrate women’s equality.

Hear their story below and support these talented babes!

Visuals by CMDelux Films

Interview: Concept

Raw Femme