Emma Kelly | Designer

“A Crystal Enthusiast with a Gypsy Soul”

Emma Kelly is the owner and designer of Desert Daisy Jewelry. She has worn many hats over the years; starting as a physicist, obtaining her MBA while working in the fashion retail industry, and finally combining all her skills to create her jewelry line. Her multi channel business was started in 2014, built on a love of raw crystals and a passion for design.

Emma comes from a family of creatives, growing up on a small farm where her parents used their talents to make sure they never noticed the lack of material possessions. Her mother gardened and sewed all of their clothes (and the most wonderful quilts); her father raised the animals and built all the barns as the little farm grew. Together, they instilled in her the appreciation for craft, the value in hand made, and the understanding that a little of ourselves going into everything we create.

She rebelled a bit against the hippie upbringing and found herself in a scientific job behind a desk, Astrophysics to be precise. Interesting as a subject, but she never really fit in, she was always searching. Following her heart has led her on a winding path to where she is now, creating accessories that highlight the natural, raw beauty in the world. She travels all over the southwest to find the perfect stones, each one is hand selected for that extra something  they seem to radiate.

Beauty to Emma does not lay in perfection, which means the stones she naturally ends up with are selected for character and depth. She finds herself inspired by the unique energy of each stone, and sometimes when inspiration lags, a good old fashioned desert hike is all she needs to get back into design.

She is also fascinated by the metaphysical studies that surround crystals. The place they have held in many cultures over the course of history shows their pull on our collective psyche, and the majesty of a stone that has been part of the earth for millions of years before becoming part of the jewelry she makes is what inspires her the most.

While she may have left that little farm behind long ago, and lived all over, she still applies those learnings to everything she does. Her jewelry is an extension of all the experiences she has had, and she is excited to share that little bit of her with anyone who wears it.

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