Zalina Rosli | Photographer


Zalina Rosli is a multidisciplinary digital content producer in the fields of fashion, digital and social media, and photography, collaborating with both brands and creatives as a freelancer, consultant and talent. Currently undertaking a BA in Photography at RMIT, Zalina is constantly finding ways to explore and challenge oneself in various scopes of digital photography, image styling, creative direction and visual branding.

Her blog, Breed of Romance,  is the reflection of one’s passion to envision and create. It is a visual journal of Zalina’s many through-the-lens moments exploring fashion visuals, styling, creative direction and branding. With this as a passion project, Zalina aspires to interpret, integrate and foresees visual media in a world of ideas. With this, Breed of Romance is a visual manifestation.

Her work and her beauty are truly exceptional. Support this creative lady!