Women Artists Empowering the Latino Community


Marie and Natalie, two Las Vegas-based artists and best friends, have teamed up to bring Latino Arts to the forefront during Hispanic Heritage Month. Viva La Loteria is an event featuring a diversity of Hispanic artists in art, fashion, and music.

Latino culture is filled with a rich variety of indigenous, European, and African influences that result in performing arts experiences that are imaginative, exciting, and involving.

“I have always been a person of creative pursuits. I am a self-taught artist whose first medium was acrylic paintings, mixed media collage and graffiti influences. The Mystic Herbs Shop was created as a platform for me to showcase and sell my jewelry, art as well as offer Tarot Services. I feel in such a politically divisive time, now more than ever, I want to continue to educate myself and others of ongoing issues pertinent to the Latino Community. I hope to see community thriving peacefully, equally and in prosperity. Especially artists and entrepreneurs” says Marie, Founder of the Mystic Herbs Shop.

“As a woman and minority, I feel I openly embrace those parts of myself – especially as an artist so others respect where I come from and the beliefs/traditions that I hold. I say stand strong in who you are, where you’re from and what you intend to do. Hard work and consistency will never go unnoticed. People will reciprocate when the connection is felt.”

Viva La Loteria was created to celebrate the local Latino community, while featuring artists of every medium, music, raffles, food, and “firme vibes!” The event is being hosted by the Sahara Lounge with doors opening at 8pm for 21+, and NO COVER! Be there and support.