The ‘Opposition’ Book by Juliann McCandless

Meet Juliann McCandless, freelance Creative Director, Stylist and Photographer, currently based in sunny LA. Juliann’s talent and resumè is beyond impressive, having worked with clients, such as Paper Magazine, Bullet Magazine, and I-D Magazine. But the project that has really inspired us, is her upcoming book ‘Opposition’, featuring conversations with creative women and femmes within the fashion, visual art and music industries.

‘Opposition’ is a book that is composed of fifteen one on one, issue oriented conversations with a diverse group of women and femmes within the fashion, visual art and music industries, through the months leading up to, and during a Donald Trump presidency. The conversations address a diverse range of issues facing America and the world today including gentrification, racism, mass incarceration, activism, consumerism, capitalism and politics. The goal of these conversations is to not only document these women’s goals, fears, hopes, political opinions and activism at this critical time in history, but also to spark a conversation that promotes critical thinking and encourages readers to fight for the changes they wish to see within their communities. Furthermore, these conversations are meant to highlight a new wave of young feminists that believe feminism is, and has to be intersectional – representing women of color, trans people, gender non-binary people, low income people, disabled, and people in the developing world—feminism is about equality for EVERYONE.

You can donate toward the production of this amazing book, to help Ms. McCandless reach her goal. She hopes the book will inspire people to create positive change and equality in their communities, no matter which part of the world they are in.