Victoria Villasana | Art

Victoria Villasana resides in London, but was born in Guadalajara, Mexico. She cites her experience in these different cultures as inspirational in her work, describing her art as a “symbiosis of cultures.” Her trademark pieces, portraits embellished with yarn and pasted up on London streets, mix indigenous Mexican and western art and deliver a healthy dose of rebellious femininity.

The dynamism in her work also derives from the way the yarn is left uncut, bleeding over the ages of the pages, far below the frame giving a surreal aesthetic.

A large part of Victoria’s expertise and creativity as an artist comes from her life experiences. She explained how the multiculturalism of London help her creatively, adding “I really believe multicultural societies are richer, we should work for effective ways of cultural integration, of course there’s going to be challenges but if we keep our minds and hearts open it’s a very natural and positive thing that we shouldn’t be against,” Being open to cultures and allowing genius to strike from a collage of influences is an enriching philosophy we all can learn from.

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