Ruthy Jane | Art

Ruthy Jane is a contemporary artist born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. She grew into her passion of creating by learning how to channel all her energy into her art work. Through her paintings, Ruthy Jane represents the strong, Latina & urban women of Los Angeles. Her passion projects always include aerosol painting on huge wall spaces across the world. Her first passion was makeup and body art. She loves to travel, and is always seeking out her next big adventure! Ruthy Jane is an activist, a mentor, and volunteer for various non-profits across the Los Angeles region. She works hard to inspire the youth to apply their creative energies into their calling, by counseling and motivating them to chase their dreams. Ruthy Jane strives to help make connections between the communities and the art world, in hopes of bringing unity among us.

Ruthy is one talented lady! Check out more of her work on her Instagram and Website.