Strita DTLA | Fashion

Meet Esther, Cathleen, & Huyen, founders & designers of Strita DTLA, a lingerie line that strives to empower women to embrace their sexuality with garments that are sleek and meant to be seen. Named after St. Rita, the patron saint of the impossible, Strita DTLA encourages wearers to feel confident about their bodies through their fashion choices. All of the pieces can be worn as functional underwear, layered as part of an outfit, or displayed as standalone pieces.  Strita DTLA stands as a vehicle for one to take ownership of their sexuality and break free of traditional definitions of femininity and what is sexy.

“Women are stripped of their sexuality by society in so many ways—through oppressive cultural and gender norms, sexual assault experiences and rape culture, imposed beauty standards, aging, becoming a mother, the list goes on. Strita DTLA wants to invite all people who identify as women to tell their stories about their relationship with their sexuality and how they’ve reclaimed ownership of it.

Our collection is designed and manufactured locally, where every stitch and detail has been obsessed over with our own eyes. From our fabric choices down to the thread we use, we have sourced only the best to create a line that prioritizes comfort, durability, versatility, and most importantly, flattery on the female figure.”

It’s so uplifting to see women pushing the envelope for one another. No matter your body type, never shy away from embracing everything your higher power gave you. Thank you to these babelicious babes for the reminder that all women were #meanttobeseen.