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Emmy-award and Las Vegas Review Journal recognized online publication celebrating women and LGBTQ+ artists of every medium.

The Idea

To increase the visibility of women in art, and close the gender gap between established and emerging artists.


Kara Jenkins

Meet Las Vegas mayoral candidate, Kara Jenkins, who shares her vision to celebrate diversity and create a beautiful future where everyone is welcome.

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Why We Exist

Women artists represent only 2% of the art market

11% of all acquisitions at 26 prominent U.S. museums over the past decade were of work by women artists

Women represent less than 1/3 of artists in the music world today

46% of visual artists in the U.S. are women, but they earn 47¢ to every $1 earned by male artists

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Features with artists, musicians, filmmakers, photographers, designers, and entrepreneurs.

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Video profiles showcasing all mediums of art.



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Network of Artists Worldwide


Since 2017, we have held women-centric events in Las Vegas, Nevada, ranging from artist showcases to business workshops.


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Raw Femme Showcase

Female Founder Workshop

You Code Like a Girl

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What is Your Interpretation of a Raw Femme?

Silver Francis


A Raw Femme is authentic, passionate, and powerful. She uses her gifts to make the world a better place.

Laci Jordan


A space and movement that empowers and highlights women artists and art enthusiast in an unapologetic way.

Ali Stone


Any woman who fights for her voice and overcomes the limits and stereotypes imposed by society is a Raw Femme.