Artist Spotlight: Jessica Galindo


In Episode 4 of the Artist Spotlight series, Raw Femme visits with Jessica Galindo owner of Leather Couture. Leather Couture is an avant-garde, luxury leather line of impeccably handcrafted accessories and handbags. Each work from Leather Couture is handcrafted and assembled in processes that can take anywhere from several hours to several days to produce. The designer, Jessica Galindo, hand-selects treasures she connects to and that reflect her aesthetic. Following her successful fine art career, education from FIDM and career in wardrobe styling, Jessica Galindo launched Leather Couture as the love child of her two passions, art and fashion. While attending college in 2000 and freelancing as a budding wardrobe stylist, the designer began handcrafting leather accessories for clients’ outfits when she was unable to find the bold, unique statement pieces she envisioned. After seeing the success of her designs, she launched Leather Couture by Jessica Galindo in her native city of Las Vegas. Learn more about this babe below. She is awesome, inspiring, and truly a beautiful soul.


Visuals by CMDelux Films

Interview: Jessica Galindo owner of Leather Couture

Raw Femme