GreyLayers | by Crude Cities


Meet Jeanne Grey™, a fashion babe who has been a total game changer since the launch of her style blog, GreyLayers. Her vision has captivated and awakened passion within many others as she is considered one of fashion’s top influential creators. GreyLayers first began receiving notoriety in the East Coast, and is now a favorited blog in Asia, Europe, North America and South America. Jeanne has made her mark in the fashion industry by doing what she loves most – being a modern day woman. Along with being a highly regarded blogger, she is a stylist, model, brand ambassador and product influencer. The type of hustlin’ boss babe we all aspire to be. Not only is she chic but she also incorporates women and men vintage pieces into her wardrobe, making her a staple fashion icon. Breaking all of the rules and not caring what anyone thinks is what captures her audience and makes her a unique person to follow. I also incorporate her fashions into my own personal style, as she’s that influential. Jeanne not only has such achievements under her belt, she also has one of the biggest social media and digital media followings, with thousands of followers on Instagram and Twitter. Her dedicated followers have made her reach an impressive level of recognition. Cheers to your incredible success, Ms. Grey!

You can check out her unique sense of fashion and style here (link). Follow her Instagram and Twitter to stay up-to-date with all of the latest fashion trends and the upcoming release date for her exclusive CAPSULE Collection. Support!

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