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Interview with Herbalist, Dirtie LiL Hippie, serving Las Vegas’ Holistic Wellness Needs and Giving People Back Their Power

Own Your Roots. Be Connected. Stay Grounded.

With a vision to sincerely educate and deliver holistic healing, Dirtie LiL Hippie is an herbal apothecary that sells teas, oils, and tinctures handmade by a qualified herbalist.

We are thrilled to continue our partnership with Fergusons Downtown, a city block #rootedin community that celebrates local music, art, and creators, and introduce Amber Nicholson aka Dirtie Lil Hippie, founder and creator of Deeply Rooted a collective of small businesses rooted in community, holistic wellness, and sustainability.

Only a few doors down from the main Fergusons Downtown entrance, you’ll find Gather House, a multi-shop marketplace and collection of creative spaces. From the moment you step through the door, you are greeted by an aroma of welcoming scents and vibrant artwork from an array of local makers. The extension of Fergusons strives to provide a new area for the community to shop and discover more local brands, and for brands to grow into their own space before a brick and mortar.

Nestled in the back corner of the building, you’ll find Deeply Rooted and a smile that lights up the room. Amber greets you with warmth and excitement, eager to give you a tour of the cozy and inviting shop, that includes handmade candles, jewelry, vintage clothing, essential oils, tea blends, all-purpose washes, journals, hand-painted planter pots, and more.

While browsing the perfectly placed assortment of products, you learn about the benefits of herbs and local finds from makers that align within the same ethos.

As we celebrate Black History Month, it was an honor to interview and learn from a qualified and knowledgeable herbalist who strives to grow her brand into a network of Holistic wellness spaces in underserved communities, giving people back their power.

What is the story behind the name of your herbal practice – Deeply Rooted?

Deeply Rooted was created with the intention of making connections that nourish us. Through locally curated wellness and beauty products, Services and Events we honor our roots and share what keeps us connected and grounded. Having a brick and mortar allows me to connect with my community and connect my community with tools to aid in their day to day lives. It’s no secret that life can be hard sometimes. If I can be of aid to one person, whether that be in the form of herbal tea, a relaxing bath, a face mask, local health and wellness resources or just a conversation then I’ve done what I love. It’s essential that we start looking at how we take care of ourselves and how that is reflected in our community and onto our planet. 

“Crafted in small batches with whole intentions.” We would love to learn more about your process – from research to sourcing/preparation to connecting with the community.

My process starts with a need that arises in me meaning every product I make has been Researched, Formulated and tried by myself first. All herbs I use are sourced ethically and this is where the small batches come in, I only make what I can source from small farms and local vendors. Some products are limited edition because some herbs are seasonal. My intentions are always to be transparent and educational. 

In your opinion, what do herbs offer that pharmaceutical medicine can’t?

There’s this idea that it’s one or the other, when in reality they are complementary to each other. In fact, many pharmaceutical medications are based on man-made versions of naturally occurring compounds found in plants. For example, salicylic acid is found in the plant meadowsweet and is used to make aspirin. I would say that what herbs have to offer that pharmaceuticals do not is that Herbal medicine aims to return the body to a state of natural balance so that it can heal itself, the effect of the whole plant can be greater than its parts.

Finding the best herb for your needs requires looking at the whole of a person (stress, movement, food, sleep) and getting to the root of the issue, not just the symptoms. Let’s get down to the basics of what an herb is, an herb can be any part of a plant from the roots to the leaves, flowers, berries etc.

Herbalism is the tradition of studying and using herbs for their healing properties. Different herbs act on different systems, tissues and patterns of the body in synergy. Pharmaceuticals target specific parts of those systems. Never stop taking prescribed medications in favor of herbs without first discussing it with your GP. Remember complimentary!

What is your advice in introducing healing herbs/helpers into our daily lives?

There are many ways to learn about herbs from credible books to your local herbalist. My advice would be: Start with gentle everyday herbs, these are herbs you find in your kitchen like Rosemary, Thyme, Cinnamon, Ginger etc. Keep a journal to document YOUR experience. If you are looking for more personal guidance or going beyond these gentle herbs to more medicinal ones my advice would be to contact your local herbalist because herbs can interact with other pharmaceutical medications and should be taken with care. As an herbalist I do not diagnose or cure. I use my training to act as a source of education and guidance for my clients who are seeking balance, pointing them in a beneficial direction. Check out my website for more info on my services or send me an email, lets talk!

African American herbalism’s traditions, knowledge, and stories are foundational to herbalism in the United States and around the world. As we celebrate Black History Month, are there any herbalists whose work inspires you, who we should also honor and celebrate?

Dr. Sebi, Alyson Morgan, Sade Muse of Roots of Resistance, Leah Penniman of Soul Fire Farm and the author of Farming While Black, and @beautyherbsandtea on IG to name a few. 

In an article written by Alyson Morgan she states African American herbalism is a rich melange of many cultural traditions with deep origins rooted in African history dating back to ancient Egypt. It includes Arab and Asian practices that crossed paths due to trade and cultural exchange on the African continent. As enslaved African people crossed the Atlantic with the transatlantic slave trade, their herbal knowledge and practices were influenced—as well as appropriated by—European slavers. 

You have found a home at Fergusons Downtown in downtown Las Vegas, from vending to sharing space as a micro studio shop inside Gather House. What do you love most about being part of the Fergie family?

I love the people I’m surrounded by. The opportunity to grow with and learn from people who put their heart and soul into what they do.

Do you have any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Let go of what you think it should look like. It’s about progress not perfection. Know your strengths and know when to ask for help. It takes a team, so surround yourself with good people that lift you up. 

What is your ultimate goal for Deeply Rooted? Any upcoming events that we can look forward to? 

My ultimate goal is to grow into a network of Holistic wellness spaces in underserved communities, giving people back their power.

For upcoming events I have partnered with Brianna Harris of Zentric Flo to bring the community our Rooted N Flo events which aim to provide safe and healing spaces open to all. Check out our instagram @rootednflo for our upcoming gatherings!

A question we ask all of our interviewees – what is your interpretation of a Raw Femme?

A Raw Femme is someone who is lifts others up by being their authentic selves.

Make sure to visit Amber and many other local makers at Gather House, Wednesday – Friday between 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM. Support local!

Instagram: @deeplyrootedlv
Website: www.deeply-rootedlv.square.site

Instagram: @fergusonsdowntown
Website: www.fergusonsdowntown.com

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