Hana Piranha Releases Newest Single – “The Devil Always Pulls Through”

Hana Piranha-music-raw femme

Nightmares, loneliness and dark desires are the driving forces behind the sound and world of Hana Piranha.

Hana Maria was born during a hurricane; a prophetic beginning to the diary that’s exposed in her turbulent and often disturbing songwriting. The singer and multi-instrumentalist grew up in Wellington, New Zealand, moving to England at the age of twelve to pursue her dream of becoming a concert violinist. Disillusioned with the world of classical music, she began pushing boundaries both in art and in life – the two becoming so intertwined that it became hard to know where one began and the other ended. To Hana Piranha, life is nothing but an opportunity to create art, which is why the artist opens her diary so candidly to the world. The journey documented by the music of Hana Piranha has been an eventful one so far and holds the promise of many more twists and turns to come. You get the feeling that around her, anything could happen.