Google Arts & Culture Offers Online Exhibits of the Many Faces of Frida Kahlo


By this point, I’m sure that we are all beginning to feel the effects of self-isolation (boredom) as we quarantine to save lives. As an art lover, I have had the privilege of visiting some of the world’s most beautiful museums, and truly miss the feeling of connecting with art and history.

Faces of Frida is one of the largest curations on the Mexican artist ever assembled and it’s available courtesy of Google Arts and Culture (not all heroes wear capes). Comprising of over 800 Frida Kahlo paintings, high-resolution images, features, and interactive video tours, it offers a deep dive into her life, art and legacy. A beautiful collaborative effort thanks to Google and a network of 33 museums from around the world, including Museo Frida Kahlothe Smithsonianthe V&A and Centre Pompidou.

The tribute is inspiring, colorful, and free for everyone to enjoy. Take a private tour here.

GIF courtesy of Priscilla Pecci.