Deborah Harris | AUTHOR

Deborah Harris | AUTHOR

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“Bosshion is an amazing self-help book for present and even future leading ladies who are seeking to take over the world with style, grace, and gumption. The author believes that although there may be moments of anxiety and frustration, boss babes everywhere should be fearless and confident!

In this book she shares her personal stories, some inspiring famous quotes, and self-esteem building activities to help guide her readers to a healthy self- awareness and assurance that will serve as a building block to knowing and acting like a TRUE BOSS.”

Deborah Harris, Community Activist and Journalist is originally a Chicago native who matriculated to Las Vegas, NV in January of 2007. Although she holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Pre-med biology, upon arrival to Las Vegas she found herself drifting into the arena of community activism and the non-profit sector.

Later in 2011, Deborah assisted her younger sister with establishing a dream within the fashion industry. Although her educational background was a far cry from this profession, she researched various avenues and projects to help propel her sister’s business endeavors. In addition to the establishment of CoutureSlave and Fashion Artist Guild Inc., a small business and nonprofit, respectively, Deborah has helped support the small business and educational community surrounding the fashion industry in Las Vegas as well.

Some of the organizations that she has had the opportunity to be a part of includes; Friends of Parkinson’s, F/Stop Project, R.O.C., Nevada Lifespan Respite Coalition. Currently Deborah leads the Fashion Artist Guild as the Executive Director and is spearheading and partnering with other factions that support endeavors to build out necessary infrastructure regarding the fashion industry within the city of Las Vegas.

Deborah is a true inspiration to all women. BOSSHION officially releases on September 1st on Amazon. Please come out and support this bad babe at her book signing at Mingo Kitchen & Lounge on September 1st beginning at 7:00pm!

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