Clarice Tara | Artist

I discovered the amazingly talented, Clarice Tera, after drooling over her beautiful piece “The Dwelling” which she contributed to Las Vegas’ artist enclave, 6thandFranklin. Her technique goes beyond the mere representation of a subject. You can feel the story associated with each piece.

My Life is Art. Everything I do, I consider a form of art. Art for me is rooted in adoration and appreciation ~ Whether in action or observation, it is the passion that I feel that gives birth in the form of art. Sometimes it comes in the way of speech, paint, or graphite, sometimes in the forms of performance or sculptural installations. But, whatever it is that I am creating, it all has purpose. Every color, every stroke, there is meaning, there is a message. To solely render something beautifully, is an elegant approach, but it is not mine. I have often been told, “Create for you, for what you love, not for anyone else.” My need to create is my own, it is like breathing. My art is my breath, and it is as essential to my existence as water and air. However, I do not simply create for myself. Art has a voice; When it is poured from the soul into the ocean of reality, it creates a ripple. It is a universal language that can be understood regardless of age, sex, race, or culture. In turn, it is essential to my creative process to open a discussion with imagery. My need to create is internal, but I create for you, the viewers. The content of my work stems from my search for a deeper understanding of my own personal experiences. However, my intention is to inspire conversations, reflections, and emotional connections between people. Through my art I am addressing the raw beauty of the human condition, and hope to instill a reverberation of honesty, compassion, and unity within others.

Take a look a few beautiful pieces below. Be sure to contact Clarice directly for commissions. Support this talented babe!

“Lines” -18×24 -Pen & Ink and Graphite- -Love is not made solely through sex. Love is intertwined with the heart and eyes, the soul and the mind. As we are pulled from one point, so do the threads from the others follow. The Unraveling of Love
“The Bassist / Coco Jenkins” -Graphite on Paper, Fabric, Goldleaf on wood- 24in x 34in