Space Cubs | Music

Space Cubs (Suzanne Bonifacio) is singer/songwriter/producer from Buffalo, New York who currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina. She first pulled influence from gospel and ambient music, and grew up songwriting and performing with other youth in a church-community setting, as well as taking classical voice and piano. During high school she started getting heavily into experimental and electronic music, which sparked a desire to start exploring that within her own musical journey. This continued throughout college, along with an all female electronic trio, “Chromakid”, which consisted of Bonifacio, Tara Rook, and Kat Casale. She then came to form “Space Cubs” as an attempt to spend time exploring the nature of being alone with music.

“Bonifacio’s strong suit lays in her expressiveness, elegantly combining the spiritual and the romantic with melodies that seem to demonstrate that the journey of self knowledge is more than a matter of self. She isn’t afraid of tapping into unnavigable territory, but similarly to earthy electronic artists such as Bjork and Boards of Canada, her music contains subtle glimpses of tranquility beneath the pretense of complete psychic distortion” (Jeannette Chin, Buffablog). In addition to Bjork and Boards of Canada, she also pulls influence from artists such as Junior Boys, Ulrich Schnauss, Portishead, Dan Deacon, and Kate Bush.

Suzanne is killer! Click the headphone button above and chill to her incredible ambient sound. Support this talented Femme!