Ruby Kobo Jewelry | Yuvi Alpert & Danna Kobo

Designers Yuvi Alpert and Danna Kobo pay homage to ancient mysticism and timeless measures of beauty in a truly modern accessories collection, Ruby Kobo. With a bohemian air and cutting edge sophistication that evolves from mixed media, Ruby Kobo offers a personal experience through layering the unique bracelets, necklaces and rings. The duo explore innovations in material, color and design, taking fine jewelry to a new level, one that references personal style as much as a global aesthetic. I absolutely love the way this video brings personality out of every piece. You can’t help but lose yourself in the video work of photographer Jen Campbell, known for her integration of her photography practice into fashion and stop-motion animation. By far one of the best video lookbooks I’ve ever seen! Love it! Love them! Love her!