RepresentationAsian: Investigating Works of Asian American Authors with JM Huck

JM Huck author celebrating Asian American Pacific Islanders.

We are thrilled to spotlight multifaceted poet and author, JM Huck, whose journey embodies resilience, cultural exploration, and artistic ingenuity. As a co-founder of wewritelv.com and curator of the RepresentAsian series, JM champions representation and dialogue within the Asian American Pacific Islanders community, fostering connections and amplifying voices often overlooked. Learn about JM’s inspiring journey through her own words as we celebrate her vision for a more inclusive future for Asian American Authors and Poets.

Growing up as a military child who traveled abroad, or “third culture kid/TCK”, I believe in the possibility of connecting with anyone, no matter how different they seem. I am mixed race and until recently, ethnic heritage was not one of my priorities. But now I am centering my debut poetry collection on my mother’s international indigenous people (one of 13 Moro tribes of the Philippine archipelago). I am an eco artist at heart, and my poetry applies close observation, and explores themes of scientific understanding, ethnicity, language, history, heritage and culture. Teaching is as much of a part of my practice as creative writing or visual artmaking. In general, my practice as a teaching artist and artist-activist are about relationship repair, whether bonds between people and their environment, between people at war with each other, or at war with themselves. 

I give back to the AAPI community through wewritelv.com, which I co-founded with Sheila Navarro in June 2023. After applying to nine graduate schools this season, I will be an MFA candidate in creative writing beginning Fall 2024.

The RepresentAsian series, featuring the works of published female AAPI authors, examines belonging from different lenses. Names of authors are taken from fellow’s publications from Kundiman, a nonprofit organization dedicated to nurturing generations of writers and readers of Asian American literature.

On April 25, We Write! Las Vegas extends an invitation to the Las Vegas community to respond to works in the current Forward exhibition, curated by Fawn Douglas and Sapira Cheuk, where JM will conclude her series of free poetry workshops to reflect on race, ethnicity and culture as dimensions of belonging. Forward — a Weaving Our Cultures (WOC) art exhibition showcases the art of Latina, Native American, African American, and Asian American women, as they answer the question: What does the future look like? 

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