Ohlayindigo is a San Francisco-based electronic pop duo from Norway and the UK, composed of singer and songwriter Hanna Ponth, and drummer Zak Shrapnell.

Having been passionate about singing and writing lyrics from a young age, Hanna studied for her bachelor’s degree in music at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts in England. After struggling to find like-minded people who understood her musical style, she finally developed Ohlayindigo as her alter ego in which she lives out her eccentric dreams and artistic musings. Together with Zak, they came up with the flowing name ‘Ohlayindigo’, laden with meaning: ‘Indigo’ for evoking atmosphere and emotion, which is quintessential in her music, ‘lay’ referring to an old English word for a sung poem, and ‘oh’ for full sound.

Ohlayindigo’s lyrics are inspired by lived life, people’s stories, feelings and emotions. The rich electronic soundscape of their songs highlight and give depth to each nuance of their lyrics, making their music a thorough and impassioned whole. Ohlayindigo describes their musical genre as scandi electro pop with an emotional twist, aimed at people who seek out or dare to be themselves. They wish to make a difference with their music by making people feel understood.

Ohlayindigo’s debut EP is out now! Support the beautifully talented Hannah and Zak – her babelicious bandmate! Listen below and drift away in musical bliss…