Moons and Junes Lingerie for Beautifully Diverse Women

Every woman is beautiful in her own unique way. Yet, society has convinced us that only a certain look is socially acceptable. Sorry world, that’s where you get it wrong and Moons and Junes is proving that in their inspiring campaign, Black.

Moons and Junes is a Copenhagen-based lingerie brand devoted to providing everyday luxury to women. The pieces in our collections are the result of thorough attention to detail and carefully selected high-quality materials. We’re working to put an urban spin on traditional lingerie styles. In essence, our selection embodies the personality of Moons and Junes – modern interpretations of the status quo.

Moons and Junes’ designs are the result of over 70 fittings in the development phase. In collaboration with a talented designer and modeling-constructor we’ve worked to create a product that caters to the needs of as many body types as possible. We’ve done away with all that sewing that gets in the way of sensitive areas and opted for materials that feel soft against your skin, and, we’re pretty excited about producing a soft bra – without hard cups and underwire – that still provides support for breasts large and small!  All our products are produced and quality-checked at one of Europe’s leading tricotage factories, located in Turkey. From our constructions to the fabrics chosen to our many talented partners, our entire process ensures that our customers never have to sacrifice comfort for beauty.

“Our devotion to embracing difference isn’t just talk. Our products aren’t just designed for all types of women; they’re advertised on them too. The women featured in our campaigns, lookbook and social media posts might wear the same products, but each has a unique look. Young or old, dark or fair, slim or not, we just want women who feel confident in our products to join our movement.”

On behalf of women everywhere, thank you Agnete Bjerre-Madsen and your beautiful models for representing real women in such a positive and uplifting light. To everyone else, take note.