Girrlscout by Michelle Kirchner

Meet Michelle Kirchner, the 27-year-old blogger, photographer, designer,  “weirdo” and founder of Girrlscout.

“I wish I had some ridiculous story behind the name Girrlscout , but to be honest an old friend of mine was drunk and nicknamed everyone in the room and this so happen to be bestowed upon me. Literally, that is it… I liked it and I ran with it. It kinda caught on.”

She’s a California-grown sarcastic little motherf’er., obsessed with fashion, dry British humor, French Bulldogs, Corgis, basically ALL DOGS and really anything out-of-the-norm.

“I wouldn’t necessarily categorize this blog as strictly fashion, it’s more of things that inspire me and random shit I like to talk about. As you scroll through my feed I’m sure you’ll understand more. I’m all over the place. This is my home.”

I’m obsessed with Michelle’s new makeup bag “Face Shit”. It’s perfect, especially for women like me who have no idea how to describe the makeup they wear. Check out more rad products on her website and follow her Instagram. Support this bad Femmie!