Metalsmith Extraordinaire| Megan Auman

One of Chic Innovator’s members brought talented jewelry designer, Megan Auman, to our attention. Living and working in a small town in Pennsylvania, Megan received a BFA in Metalsmithing (it actually says that on her diploma) from Syracuse University. Between Megan’s education and years of practice – she’s known to do some amazing things with metal and a torch.

“I believe that the right piece of jewelry can make you feel more confident. I’ve designed everything from accessories to home décor, but I’m currently focusing on my first love, jewelry. My designs are classic yet distinctive, bold yet comfortable. I believe that jewelry should empower you to make a statement but be easy enough to wear every day. Find your statement piece.”

She’s awesome! Check out some of her work below and click here to see her entire collection. Love her!

Would be honored if she joined us for blogging and networking fun at our sister site Chic Innovators 😉