Kiki Stardust | Artist

Kiki Stardust recently moved to Las Vegas from the mitten state. She attended the College for Creative Studies in downtown Detroit. She really loved Detroit, but those winters could be pretty miserable – hope there’s no hard feelings. Kiki & her husband decided they wanted to start a screen printing business and landed in Vegas, where it’s warm.

You could say she wear a lot of hats. A Jackie of all trades if you will. She is a painter, illustrator, screen printer, graphic designer, and most importantly, a nerd. Without her nerdy interests, she would be boring. Speaking of which, she’s a Ravenclaw. Hope that gives you some insight. Fun fact, she has a second job painting retro gaming consoles, primarily Gameboys and Gameboy Colors. She a huge Nintendo fan at heart.

Out of all her amazing talents, she would choose painting as her favorite. She finds it very relaxing, like a form of therapy. She mostly paints with acrylics and is currently working on improving her watercolor skills. You can definitely expect to see this little lady at the next Femme Friday 😉

Check out her portfolio here and few of my favs below. Support this babe!

Processed with MOLDIV
Processed with MOLDIV