Julia Gonzalez | Artist

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Julia Gonzalez has been creating art since the age of 4, mixing oils to create the perfect hue, and dabbing brushes with watercolor on color stained napkins. Born October 1st, 1983, in Los Angeles, California, to a blues musician father and hard-working seamstress, Julia was very much the normal shut-in. Her father, Julio, supported her in every aspect buying her pens, pencils, paint and paper to keep her mind occupied. She would sit under her mother’s sewing table, wrapped in her world of color and creativity.

From her private art education spanning between the ages of 7 and 15, she has created over 200 paintings including commissioned artworks that reside in private collections. Her style has changed greatly over the years but has always had her personal flare. As every great artist does, Julia needed time off to focus on what she really needed. The style that she has come into after her hiatus, is more of a reflection of her true self.

Julia Gonzalez is not a person constrained by social norms. She is in fact, a label-less artist creating the world as she sees it. She does not view religion, relationships and life as a series of rules but as a framework for further creation. Now at 32, Julia has become what she intended, residing in Las Vegas, Nevada. Julia’s work is amazing! Be sure to visit her website to view more of her beautiful pieces.