Glitter Disco Child | Interview

Meet bad babe, Amelia Deacon, the creative force behind Glitter Disco Child. With festival season upon us, finding an fashionable outfit is almost half the battle of planning your festival experience. Fortunately for us, Amelia has the perfect final touch for your look – GLITTER! Glitter Disco Child calls out to all the disco queens, rainbow babes & hippie chicks, looking to add a little shimmer to their step.

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Why glitter? How did you so perfectly anticipate it becoming a fashion trend?

I have always been drawn to color and shiny/sparkly objects. I started wearing glitter in 2013 but always felt like there was room for it to grow and become trendy. I went traveling to Thailand where I brought all of my glitter along with me and it turned out every single night of wearing it, I would receive requests from people asking me to paint it on them. It got to a point where I had to start charging to cover my own costs. That’s where Glitter Disco Child was born. I spent my time there developing the brand and sourcing the glitter to clients.

How did your experience growing up shape your vision for creating Glitter Disco Child? Any stories you can share?

I always felt the need to be just a little bit different in the way that I dressed and expressed myself, and it just happened kind of naturally. I have been referred to as licorice and an assortment of colorful sweets before this, and that eccentricity is something that I proudly embrace; I would rather brighten up someone’s day than not be remembered at all. 

People tend to go all out at music festivals dressed in crazy, colorful and creative outfits which is something I used to do as well, and then decided that I didn’t like the fact I had to wait until the festival season to really express myself and dress how I want to dress every day.  I wanted to create a community or brand where people can feel they can be whoever they want to be and express themselves daily and proudly. I made this brand without telling most of my friends and family because I was at first embarrassed and now that I have built followers and I am so proud of it. I feel as though I’m not alone and have a whole tribe of people similar to me.

Which movies and icons are your favorites that have been the most influential for the brand?

I’m not a crazy movie fan, however, I am really inspired by female musicians especially GRIMES, I am so obsessed with the way she expresses herself through the art of music, fashion and dance – all things I love. 

Spice Girls – obviously.

I am obsessed with your girl power tee collaboration with The Other Half Magazine. Tell us about your inspiration behind this design.

We liked the idea of feminism and our fashion aesthetic coming together to make a product we love. We want people to be able to wear them and be really proud about what they stand for because we are.

Are there any “disco queens, rainbow babes and hippie chicks” that you know personally who have strongly influenced your GDC?

My old boss Charlotte at Tirade 13. Charlotte sells some badass disco unitards, which gave me the confidence to express myself. She is such an inspiration which made me realize I was capable of. She always encouraged me and still supports me even a year later from working for her.

What’s next for GDC after festival season has come to an end?

Keep the festival season alive through posting about glitter and my fashion styles! At the moment I’m focusing on our collaboration tees with The Other Half Magazine while trying to spread the word. The aim is to keep selling and building upon designs. My dream is to have a clothing line of all my designs, with people proudly wearing them. 

Do you have any advice for aspiring female entrepreneurs?

Just keep building and developing your creativity. Just because you see people who might be doing better or have more skills than you don’t let that stop you, let that drive you to be the best and most creative you can be. Do as many internships as you can until you find something that you love. Do as many artistic hobbies as you can because it feeds into your creativity. Make your ideas happen even if it’s just a drawing or a photograph, just continue creating things that you are proud of.

What’s your interpretation of a Raw Femme?

A space that recognizes and celebrates female talent. Shedding light on those who work their asses off to make it out in really difficult and cutthroat industries. I think it’s inspirational and helps women see what is really achievable if you put your mind to it!