Eline Fleury Releases New Album ‘This Woman’ a Fusion of Jazz and Folk

Eline Fleury proves that some people can just do it all. While holding a degree in Economics, she is a mother, journalist, pianist, and nursing student. Now with her sights set on conquering the music industry as a celebrated singer/songwriter.

But this isn’t Eline Fleury’s first rodeo with the music industry. As a journalist and entrepreneur, Eline has managed to single-handedly run a successful magazine, ‘Eline Magazine,’ that focused on promoting the “hidden talents of our country.”

Eline considers her new album to be an autobiography. She wrote and produced ‘This Woman’ with the help of three professionals from Africa and Haiti. The songs are a mix of afro-beat, afro-jazz, afro-pop, and influences like Nina Simone and Ella Fitzgerald. With the combination of unique sounds, heartfelt lyrics, and spirit.

All nine tracks are meant to extract a visceral reaction from the listener. They evoke feelings of love, absence, respect, and dignity. Every song is meant to highlight a certain something, from the struggle of women to the power of dreams.

Check out the new album and all of Eline Fleury’s music, and make sure to follow her on her journey! It’s going to be a fantastical adventure for sure!