DJ Bad Gyrl | Entrepreneur


DJ BAD GYRL is a Las Vegas-based radio personality who has rapidly become a respected voice within the LGBT community. She has been designated as press coverage for Dinah Vegas, the largest LGBT event in Las Vegas over the last three years. In addition to having previously hosted the WBKE primetime afternoon radio show “The Bad Gyrl Show (REMIX) Zone,” she is in the process of launching her own radio station this November and displaying her art pieces in galleries throughout Downtown Las Vegas under the name BAD GYRL BLACK. Known for her flirtatious energy and her sharp wit, DJ BAD GYRL is unpredictable entertainer who keeps her audiences happy by always bringing an extreme level of fun. She picked up the moniker “BAD GYRL” many years ago after becoming known as a prankster.

DJ BAD GYRL is also a model who has accrued six years of experience. Her photoshoots are always artistic, and she also operates her own fashion brand, MARILYN JUNKIE-KING CLOTHING, which draws inspiration from the late great Marilyn Monroe and which has served such celebrity customers as DJ Vito G, Lillo Brancato, and Roger Matthews. MARILYN JUNKIE-KING CLOTHING is to be featured in its first fashion show, MAGIC Fashion Show, in 2017.

As a radio host, DJ BAD GYRL has interviewed figures including Dinah Vegas founder Sandy Sachs, Bria & Chrissy, Amanda Perez, Kaya Jones, Stevie B, Dru Hill’s Nokio, Breakin Adolfo ShabboDoo Quinones, adult star Ron Jeremy, Impractical Jokers, adult star Lisa Tiffans, Wu Tang’s Killerbeez, West Coast producer Nicro Springs, MTV’s The Real World’s Jason Hill, reggaeton star Bello El Vecino, and Chris Saldana. She was one of the first female Internet radio personalities to get an affiliation with iTunes, and her show THE BAD GYRL SHOW has been downloaded a few hundred times each week. An entrepreneur at heart, she stays busy and stays hungry, pushing herself ever forward and finding more and more ways to make her mark on the world.

This babe is the true definition of a female hustler. Her accomplishments should be an inspiration to all women. Be sure to follow her on social media and check for updates here.