DJ Amy Pham | Music

Amy Pham
is your typical all-around, multi-hyphenate overachiever. Except…not so typical.​​​​

As soon as she learned how to work a turntable, she’s rocked dance floors from LA to New York to London with her infectious energy. She’s ​played with Snoop Dogg, Raekwon, Riff Raff, Iggy Azalea, ​and Asher Roth, to name a few, and for brands like Urban Outfitters, Seven Jeans, ​Mink Pink, Hellz Bellz, Audrey ​Magazine, and more.​​

This same passion​ and hard work ethic bleeds into every aspect of her work – and it shows. Within a short time she
booked multiple national print and TV campaigns for Nylon, Forever 21, Nike, Reebok, ​Sony, and has worked alongside​ Jennifer Lopez,​ Steven Tyler, ​Ryan Seacrest, Cody Simpson, and Shaun​​ Johnson.

​​​Not stopping there, Amy also got cast as the host of the popular series (and Socialyte Gala Awards “Best
Fashion Series” winner) “The Fashion Statement” ​on The Platform (also home to “America’s Next Top Model” favorite, P’Trique.) The series already has attracted the attention and brand deals from distinguished fashion brands like Old Navy and Macy’s. You can catch her on weekly episodes interviewing stylish guests, dishing on practical fashion tips, or demonstrating ingenious do-it-yourself projects to make fashion a little less serious and a lot more fun.

Get your weekend started off right and enjoy one her funky mixtape’s below. Love this lady! x/o