Bri Oglu Gives A Look Into Her World With Debut EP ‘Somewhere Else’

Bri Oglu is a Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and cinematic pop artist. Her love for singing and music of almost any genre under the sun shone through from a young age and carries into her work today as she possesses the ability to create versatile songs that showcase the varying textures of her voice and her multiple influences from her youth.

“This EP was a product of the pandemic. It was something to focus my attention on and look forward to when the live music scene shut down. It was the ‘somewhere else’ in my head, a compilation of songs written when I was anything but present, and my escape.” – Bri Oglu

Bri’s childhood was suspended between two musical worlds: her mother’s midwestern roots of country and pop, and her father and adoptive mother’s love of classic rock, 80s music, and jazz. She spent her younger years writing songs and emulating the artists she heard on the radio and around the house: Ann Wilson (Heart), Britney Spears, Shania Twain and Dido to name a few. In high school, she joined chorus, theatre and a local gospel choir. She fell in love with the visceral sounds of Idina Menzel as well as a high school sweetheart who introduced her to metal and alt-rock.

After school, she moved to Los Angeles to initially pursue acting due to the intimidating, robust nature of the music scene. While working at a karaoke bar and gigging around town, she was exposed to jazz and soul music, adding the final ingredient to her diversely influenced sound. Her path led her back to her ultimate passion in music, and she has continued to pursue her career as an artist ever since. When venues shut down during the pandemic, Bri focused on writing and recording her 6-track EP, Somewhere Else. The collection showcases her sultry, but powerful voice and pairs with a cinematic pop production style crafted by artist / producer Will Snyder. Listen below and support!