Breaking Boundaries: Celebrating No Scrubz Worldwide’s First Fundraising Campaign, “No Boundariez”

No Scrubz Worldwide, a pioneering force in promoting diversity and inclusivity within the music industry, is celebrating its 6th anniversary alongside its inaugural fundraising campaign, “No Boundariez.” This year’s theme signifies the commitment to challenge the limitations imposed on marginalized genders by amplifying talent and champions who have been pushing for diversity within their community. With an array of exciting events and a dedication to breaking barriers, No Scrubz Worldwide continues to redefine the music scene, while providing a platform for emerging artists to shine.

Founded by the visionary Shakilo Barton, also known as Lo Dino, No Scrubz Worldwide emerged in 2017 as a Ladies Night in the vibrant neighborhood of Downtown Las Vegas. However, the trajectory quickly shifted when numerous female, trans, and non-binary DJs approached Shakilo, seeking guidance and opportunities within the industry. Recognizing the lack of diversity and inclusivity, Shakilo made a groundbreaking decision to open up performance slots to these talented individuals, transforming No Scrubz into a platform that uplifts underrepresented voices.

Since its inception, No Scrubz Worldwide has provided a stage for over 100 DJs and performers, offering emerging talent the opportunity to showcase their skills. By curating Open Format sets, the community has become a hub for artistic expression and collaboration, fostering a supportive, safe, and vibrant environment. Through their innovative approach, No Scrubz has cultivated a space where marginalized genders can thrive and where the music community can celebrate the richness of diverse perspectives.

“No Boundariez” Fundraising Campaign:

In commemoration of their 6th anniversary, No Scrubz Worldwide proudly launches their first-ever fundraising campaign, “No Boundariez.” With this campaign, they aim to secure the necessary resources to further empower and uplift marginalized genders within the music industry. The funds raised will support initiatives such as mentorship programs, educational workshops, and expanded performance opportunities, enabling a new generation of artists to break barriers and push the boundaries of their creative potential.

Consider donating any amount to the campaign via Givebutter here.

As part of their anniversary celebration, No Scrubz Worldwide has planned a series of engaging events, including a rooftop party on July 22, 2023 at 9:00 PM at Taverna Costera in the Arts District of Downtown Las Vegas, designed to highlight their community’s talents and give back to their loyal supporters.

No Scrubz Worldwide’s 6th anniversary and “No Boundariez” fundraising campaign mark a significant milestone for this incredible initiative. Through their unwavering dedication to amplifying marginalized voices and creating opportunities for emerging talent, No Scrubz has fostered an environment where boundaries are shattered and creativity thrives. As they continue to break barriers, No Scrubz Worldwide invites everyone to join them in celebrating their accomplishments and supporting their mission of cultivating a more inclusive and empowering music community. For more information and to be a part of this remarkable journey, visit their website at and donate!

Photos courtesy of No Scrubz Worldwide and Wavy View.