Ariana Delawari Talks New Album, ‘I Will Remember’

“We Came Home,” the exceptional creation of musician, Ariana Delawari, earned prestigious accolades across the globe, solidifying its status as a cinematic masterpiece. The grand jury prize at the Sao Paulo International Film Festival, the Jury prize at the Mexico International Film Festival, and the esteemed Jury Award at the Rajasthan International Film Festival are just a few of the remarkable achievements that adorn its name. This remarkable film also secured the Echoes of Earth Award at Flickers: Rhode Island International Film Festival and captivated audiences at renowned events including AFI FEST, AFI DOCS, Al Jazeera Documentary Film Festival, The United Nations Film Festival, and The International Film Festival of India, among others.

Embodying the essence of its Greek origin, “Entelechy” symbolizes the realization of one’s potential. In her second full-length album, I Will Remember, the artist brilliantly weaves her musical prowess. “Entelechy I,” the fruit of collaboration with the electronic virtuoso Butchy Fuego (also known as San Gabriel), showcases a mesmerizing fusion of production and songwriting. Meanwhile, “Entelechy II” presents these very tracks in their unadorned, acoustic form, graced by the mastery of Salar Nader, an acclaimed tabla virtuoso and fellow Afghan-American. This double album is not merely a musical endeavor, but an artistic journey extended into film. Ariana’s directorial venture, “Entelechy,” is a captivating experimental docu-musical delving into the urgent topic of global warming. Premiering at the esteemed Cleveland International Film Festival, it continued to captivate audiences at the Boston International Film Festival, Deep Focus: Women In Film Festival, Brooklyn Short Film Festival, and made its online debut on FLAUNT. The enthralling narrative of inner and outer transformation unfolds, intertwining seamlessly with the pressing concerns of our changing world. It was a testament to Ariana’s creative brilliance that “Entelechy” was selected as the opening night feature at the Marfa Film Festival.

A polymath of diverse talents, Ariana’s skill in photography has garnered recognition as well. Her evocative depictions of Afghanistan earned her esteemed awards at the International Photography Awards and the Korean Times New York. Ariana’s literary prowess shines through her writing and lyrics, which found a home in the anthology “One Story Thirty Stories: An Anthology of Contemporary Afghan American Literature.” The anthology went on to receive the silver medal in the Independent Publishing Awards for Best Anthology of 2012.

Beyond her creative pursuits, Ariana stands as an inspirational figure. Her presence graced the inaugural TEDx Kabul in October 2012, marking her as a voice of significance. As a trailblazer, she emerged as one of the first women of Afghan descent to perform live in Afghanistan after a hiatus spanning three decades, stepping into the role of a peace activist. The seeds of positive change took root as she initiated “Inspire Peace,” an ingenious art and activism campaign that aimed to ignite hope within Afghan youth.

Ariana’s commitment to progress extended to technology education through the groundbreaking “Afghanistan Connect” app, a collaborative effort with Code to Inspire, Afghanistan’s pioneering coding school for girls. The app stands as a testament to the transformative power of technology, spotlighting 12 grassroots NGOs in Afghanistan that contribute tirelessly to the country’s reconstruction. The app’s design and coding were skillfully executed by the female students of Code to Inspire, showcasing the potential of empowerment through education.

Recent endeavors continue to embellish Ariana’s illustrious journey. Her co-writing and performance in a song for Jill Soloway’s feminist television show “I Love Dick” underline her commitment to thought-provoking artistry and her enduring impact on the creative landscape.