Melitta Baumeister | Designer

After three years of constructing innovative garment shapes from industrial materials, Melitta Baumeister has finally made a collection that no longer feels so intimidating. This season marks a turning point for the New York–based designer, whose steadfast approach to stiff volumes has quite likely restricted her from achieving a level of recognition that reflects both her technical skill and her strong point of view. Baumeister stopped short of crediting her retail-friendlier offering to her experience as a short-listed nominee for this year’s LVMH Prize, although she allowed that the feedback was duly noted. Her motivation came from her own Tumblr page upon realizing she could materialize the bold title and the photos (taken by longtime collaborator Paul Jung) into a meta-print. Arriving at a “signature coat” based on her digital presence showed savvy control of her identity.
– Vogue

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