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Voodoo Brewing Las Vegas: Craft Beer, Murals, and Women’s Creative Brilliance in the Arts District

Janel Raihl, Alison Wainwright, pose in front of garden mural artwork at Voodoo Brewery Las Vegas.

Welcome to the vibrant world of Voodoo Brewing Las Vegas, where the grand opening in the Arts District is about more than just craft beer—it’s a collaborative masterpiece. In our interview, we explore the dynamic partnership between Alison Wainwright, owner of Voodoo Brewing Co Vegas, and beloved local artist and art ambassador, Janel Raihl. Together, they’ve woven their creative spirits into a mesmerizing mural, transforming the brewery into a canvas of inspiration.

Alison’s entrepreneurial journey led her to the heart of the arts district in downtown Las Vegas, where the first Voodoo Vegas found its home. We discuss her passion for building something unique within the arts community, elevating the ordinary to extraordinary.

This isn’t just about delicious Voodoo-esque beer; it’s a celebration of art, collaboration, and the empowering touch of women’s creativity where craft and canvas unite.

Alison Wainwright
Alison Wainwright – Owner of Voodoo Brewing Co Vegas and Founder/CEO of Las Vegas Mannequins. Credit: Brian Schulz

Thanks for chatting with us! Please introduce yourself to our readers.

I am Alison Wainwright Owner of Voodoo Brewing Co Vegas and Founder and CEO of Las Vegas Mannequins.  

Could you share your entrepreneurial journey and what inspired you to open Voodoo Brewing in the arts district of downtown Las Vegas?

There was no other location in mind for the first Voodoo Vegas! I’ve always wanted to build something different and try a new industry.  I felt this was a perfect addition to the arts community. 

How does art, like Janel’s mural, play a role in enhancing the experience and cultural identity of Voodoo Brewing?

Without Janel’s mural, my location would have been any ordinary spot. The fact that it was built with love and passion and two women coming together makes it even more special. 

Voodoo Brewing’s location in the arts district suggests a unique blend of art and craft beer. Can you tell us more about the vision behind this fusion and what it means for the local community?

The amazing “liquid gold” beer and art inspired branding is a perfect addition to Las Vegas. It brings something new and fresh to the community. 

The craft brewing industry is increasingly recognizing the contributions of women, with more women brewers and brewery owners emerging. How do you see your role as a pioneer in this movement, and what advice do you have for women looking to enter the brewing industry?

Beer isn’t all about men! There are kick ass women brewing beer who go unnoticed. I am trying to bring a more feminine approach to a pub with our beer garden and skeleton fairies and girly colors. 

What upcoming projects or events is Voodoo Brewing excited to bring to the arts district, and how can the community support and get involved?

We opened with a bang bringing WWE live wrestling and a ring built on our patio. We have some great additional events planned for the new year such as live music and entertainment.  If you say it can’t be done, come watch us make it happen.  

Janel Raihl is the artistic force behind the mesmerizing mural, The Garden, a cherised artist and gallery owner who brings a unique perspective to the creative landscape of Las Vegas.

The Garden mural, symbolizes more than just art; it represents an immersive experience for a fun environment and delicious beverages. A mural, crafted with love and passion by Janel Raihl, enhances the brewery’s identity.

Janel Raihl
Janel Raihl, creating mural called the 'Garden' at Voodoo Brewery Las Vegas.
Janel Raihl, Artist and Art Ambassador, creating mural called the ‘Garden’ at Voodoo Brewery Las Vegas. Credit: Mary Michelle Pearce

Thanks for chatting with us! Please introduce yourself to our readers.

My name is Janel Raihl, a local artist here in Las Vegas with a studio and gallery in the Arts Factory building called Art Wavy upstairs suite 246. Art Ambassador for Coprabel, Belgium and Dubai.

Can you tell us about your artistic journey and how you discovered your passion for creating murals and sculptures?

I started off early in the creative  journey as my mother was an art teacher she saw my love for it and definitely encouraged art and music as well as design and sewing. My father always had a workshop or project going so I learned how to build things from sketches thanks to both of them. I was 5 years old when they bought the property on Camano Island so nature has also always been a muse in my art. I love the creative process in any form and don’t limit myself to one medium or surface. I really enjoy it all whether it be from my imagination or helping others create theirs. 

Murals often have a strong visual impact on a community. How do you select the themes and messages for your mural projects, and what effect do you hope The Garden will have on the viewers?

Theme selection I usually decide with the owners, in this case Alison had a clear vision, Floral and a community element, which we hope to incorporate in the future for the alley.  An art immersive experience for a fun environment and yummy beverages. 

You’ve had the opportunity to showcase your sculptures in various venues in Las Vegas, including The Westgate Hotel and Casino. Could you tell us about these experiences?

I think because we live in Vegas there is a bit of the anything is possible vibe here.  The Westgate led me to Coprabel and 2 sculptures now in Wavre, Belgium. Its been an amazing opportunity.

The Art Wavy Gallery and Studio, co-founded by you and David Soto, is often described as the “Next Wave” in art spaces, featuring both a gallery and an adjacent studio. How do you envision this unique creative space influencing and shaping the larger art community?

At Art Wavy you can see the work, where it was made and photographed. We do everything in house. It brings a unique element and experience in the arts district. Many galleries don’t have this sort of connecting point, you see one or the other, and you can meet us too. 

Both of you are trailblazers in your respective industries. How did you first connect and decide to collaborate, and what inspired you to do so?

I first met Alison when I was showing at a First Friday booth. Its an amazing full circle having her open her new business and how she stuck by a local artist for this piece.

In your own words, what does your partnership symbolize in terms of women creators coming together to inspire, empower, and build a vibrant and inclusive community in Las Vegas?

I am really grateful Alison despite pressures also stood by me as a female artist. With many corporations already having corporate artists, I think its great when locals support locals as well.

What is your interpretation of a Raw Femme?

In French femme is woman, raw to me means in her purest state, a sense of naked reality. In the word feminist I always see the word feminine.

Cheers to the dynamic duo shaping the cultural landscape of Las Vegas, one sip and one stroke at a time. Here’s to the vibrant and empowering community that is Voodoo Brewing Las Vegas!

Stay tuned for more insights, events, and the creative magic brewing at Voodoo Brewing Co – Las Vegas!