Yungatita, Artist and Musician, Live at Soulbelly BBQ, Las Vegas

Yungatita is a multimedia project by Los Angeles based artist and musician, Valentina Zapata. Using a variety of different mediums: from canvas, cityscape, and soundscape, Yungatita delivers impressions on everything and nothing at all, from ethereal nostalgia and somber angst, filtered through the curiosities of a person in a constant state of manic daydream.

Teamed up with a powerful outfit consisting of LA local musicians Ernie Gutierrez (lead guitar), David Lopez (bass), Gil Simo (synth/guitar) and Christian Gurrola (drums), the project aims to captivate audiences with a loud, raw and energetic live performance. 

In their interview with Drifter Zine, they peg their hit tune “Seven Weeks and Three Days” as their favorite song from their 2020 EP, “Over You”.

I wrote completely by myself in my bedroom. It took me two hours to write the whole song. That time, I don’t think I had a band yet. So it was literally just me in my room, crying. I wrote this entire song and recorded it completely in a matter of like two to three hours. And it was pretty late. And the only thing is, a few days later, I went to my friend’s house, and he helped me kind of like, you know, lay it down and mixed it and all that I he added that little synth solo at the end, because we’re kind of working on it together. But the entire song I just wrote by myself a few nights before.

Yungatita is teaming up with sundiver ca, music of dream-psych extraordinaire Christopher Lopez, live at SoulBelly BBQ in Downtown Las Vegas for a special all ages show on December 9, 2022.

Tickets are on sale here. See you there!

Yungatita and Sundiver CA Live at Soulbelly BBQ in Downtown Las Vegas