Xicana Illustrator and Visual Artist, Yessica Jimenez

Meet Yessica Jimenez, also known as Xeroine Illustration, a Xicana illustrator and visual artist based out of Milwaukee Wisconsin. Born and raised in Milwaukee, Yessica began drawing since she can remember, and now has a BFA in Fine Art from MIAD with a focus in illustration.

My work focuses on different aspects of my identity. Some of them include my culture, being a Woman of Color, the daughter of Mexican Immigrants, being Bi/Pan-Sexual, some personal trauma and my forms of spirituality. While my illustrations and paintings are reflections of myself, I look to create images with the hope that others in my communities can also relate to.  

When she’s not creating personal pieces, she collaborates with musicians and writers to create album art, merch-designs and book covers. As a proud member of Latinx art collective, LUNA – Latinas Unidas eN Las Artes, Yessica’s work is empowered and celebrated amongst over 30 local Latinx artists who identify as women or non-binary.

Her work is a symbol of Latin culture, with bold illustrations that represent strength and femininity. Check out her website to see additional artworks and support this incredible Chicana artist.