Viktoria Modesta | Music

“I don’t believe in the current rules that govern our reality. The fact that things are so linear. That obstacles are so physical and literal like body, money, power. I believe in a fluid world where honesty and genuine connection to our curious nature surpasses the value of those and returns to an exchange of humanity and a different measuring scale of ones success that is not based on rigid facts and papers. I believe in an age of intuition, of human ideas that will transform the world of our imagination into reality and perhaps even give us a new definition of God.

My dear mother used to joke with me when I was little that i am an alien to make me feel better about being on crutches or never going to school. Maybe the term Alien doesn’t reflect its current meaning Does one have to come from another planet to view the society as an outsider? Can you arrive to that viewing point despite being here all along? Can the cruelty of human conditioning drive you to another world and back only to return with a fresh pair of eyes. Eyes that have been pushed beyond capabilities of suffering.

Once…I ran away from the world and reality, when I returned from the most hostile place of imagination and experienced unconditional care and love as an adult for the first time, that for me was the meaning of being in this world.

When I think about it, the challenge in the world that’s bigger than curing cancer, creating sustainability and war prevention, is for a person to learn true ability of understanding and accepting another being.”
— Viktoria Modesta

This lady is a bad ass. I’m completely captivated by her confidence, beauty, and talent. I look forward to supporting her work for years to come. Check out her debut video for Prototype below: