The Other Side | Nina Sky

Okay so yes, Nina Sky’s 8-track album The Other Side debuted almost a year ago now, but hey there’s nothing wrong with refreshing your memory right?? I thought so! You may recall a recent female empowered post with the likes of the lovely Nina Sky, CREEP, and director Thalia Mavros, where I shared the collaborative masterpiece “You”. Well it’s safe to say I have that to thank for turning me on to this awesome album! Identical twins Nicole and Natalie Albino, aka Nina Sky, have undeniably transformed into eclectic and versatile artists, since their debut in 2004 with their smash hit “Move Ya Body.” Branching out into the art of deejaying, modeling, and constant collaboration, they truly inspire in more ways than one! Enjoy their dance-filled EP above, and head on over to their Bandcamp page where you can download it for only $5.00!! Love them!