The Dollheads’ Explosive Return with New Single “See You in Hell”

The Dollheads by Chey Mansfield. On main street in the arts district of Las Vegas holding instruments.

Get ready to be blown away by The Dollheads’ latest single “See You in Hell”! The young rockers are back with a vengeance, delivering a fierce and unapologetic anthem that’s sure to make you feel unstoppable. Produced by the incredibly talented Cody Leavitt at Asteroid M Records, this track showcases the band’s raw talent and rebellious punk spirit while maintaining a killer sound that’ll have you hitting repeat.

Guitarist and lead vocalist Angela Avery leads with commanding presence, delivering each line with a mix of raw emotion and badass appeal. Her voice, full of defiance and strength, is a rallying cry for anyone who’s ever been betrayed. The instrumentation is tight and aggressive, with driving guitars and pounding drums that keep the intensity high from start to finish.

“It’s been a full year since we’ve released new music, and it feels amazing to get back in that groove. We’ve been spending a lot of time lately in the studio and have more time booked over the summer – See you in Hell is just a preview of things to come through the rest of this year.”

“See You in Hell” isn’t just a song—it’s a feminist manifesto that encourages standing up, fighting back, and reclaiming your power in the face of adversity. With its unfiltered energy and message of empowerment, this track is sure to resonate with listeners who find themselves fighting to be heard and respected.

Rock out with our favorite punk band at the Punk Rock Bowling club show, where they’ll open for ALL and Bad Cop/Bad Cop. You won’t want to miss their performance, especially with this new anthem in their setlist.

With a UK tour on the horizon and a spot at the Rebellion Festival, The Dollheads are set to bring their message and music to an even wider global audience. The new single is just the beginning of what looks to be an exciting year for the band.

For those ready to join the fight and reclaim their power, “See You in Hell” drops on all digital platforms on May 24, 2024.

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