Telling Her Story | Volcomunity

I recently became aware of a fairly new project Volcom introduced in March of this year. The VOLCOMunity project has a variety of elements built around a collection of girls, while exposing their lives through visual, written and story-telling features on the awesome site. Ladies from all different walks of life have united to share a platform which represents all things cool, and from a females point of view. When I first decided to create Raw Femme, I was ready to dive in head first, and do my best to showcase the talent of all of my artistic female peers. It’s refreshing and further inspiring to see more and more brands and bloggers now doing their part to give women a voice and place to share their talent. Volcom has always been one of my favorite clothing lines and lifestyle brands, and I thank the creators behind this project a thousand times 🙂 The Volcomunity bloggers include legendary musician Jennifer Herrema from the band RTX, Natalie Suarez from ‘Natalieoffduty’ blog, Marylouise and Vanessa from the uber stylish DJ sounds of POSSO, Savannah Grace from, Chelsey Salisbury a photo, music and ultimate party-lover from Austin, TX, as well as top Volcom girl team athletes and guest bloggers that will be making appearances on the site. Where do I sign up?? Check out this amazing web community when you get a chance, as well as the featured bloggers personal websites! We have to support one another ladies, if not now, then when?! x/o