Sydney The Artist | Art

Sydney The Artist is a freelance Visual Artist, Graphic/Web Designer and Streetwear Designer. Sydney began her career as a Visual Artist, completing her bachelors in Creative Industries and working with a wide range of art mediums such as mix media painting, print making and ceramics.

Sydney recently moved to NYC to embark on a learning adventure to expand her knowledge and love for the Hip Hop culture and its heavy influences in her work. While in NYC Sydney started her own clothing line titled “Live Art” Wear the Crown, Be the Canvas.

This clothing line embodies her illustrations, artworks, girl power and love for Hip Hop, it is also a brand that carries a message, promoting positive empowerment, social awareness and the idea that you are the canvas, a living piece of art, that by being positive, inspiring and empowering yourself and others you Wear the Crown.

Sydney is currently living in Cairns, Australia, working as a freelance designer and expanding her Live Art brand. Support this babe!