Stéphanie de Rougé | Multi-Artist

Photographer, Documentarist, Journalist, and beyond! Stéphanie de Rougé has lived in New York since 2006 working in documentary, fine art and architectural photography. She works as a freelance photographer for The New York Times, and on assignment for magazines and interior designers. Since 2010, she joined the faculty of The International Center of Photography where she teaches digital photography. Her work represents beautiful structures in architecture, and fine art pieces. One series in particular that really spoke to me is her “In Your Fridge.” This marks the third leg of Stéphanie’s image research on intimacy in large cities, following “In Your Room” and “On your Roof.” Focusing the basis of her investigation in two major cities, New York and Paris, she takes us on a journey through a diverse range of people’s food choices. Sometimes receiving much ridicule from her hosts, who just can’t seem to wrap their head around why Stéphanie has taken such interest in their diet, she still manages to pull off a series of photos so unique and creative. What people eat truly does say a lot about them! “After photographing almost forty portraits of New Yorkers and Parisians, I dream of extending the adventure to another 19 megacities in the world, to complete the map of a playful and poetic universe that murmurs endlessly the secrets of the citizens of the world.” Be sure to visit her site where you can find more photos of “In Your Fridge.”