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St. Vincent is Back with MASSEDUCTION

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Erotic. Personal. Masterful. MASSEDUCTION serves us nothing less than the best from our modern rock goddess St. Vincent. In this, her fifth full-length studio album, Annie dives into the issues of sexuality, codependency, love, friendship, release of the past and fear of the inevitable future.

Like her previous albums, the message is cohesively displayed through both intimate lyricsand genius musical arrangements, but not until now has the music become such an electric and brightly colored veil for the struggles and cynicism we all have inside our minds. Although the topics I mentioned are many that she has previously incorporated into her music, the focus is clear in this album that she is talking about how to (or how not to) control these things.

In the track Pills, the attitude reflects the passive acceptance of American society being destroyed by the crutch of prescription drugs. It seems like a harsh topic but of course Annie puts her critical lyrics over a pleasantly poppy synth-pop track. In the title track MASSEDUCTION, “I can’t turn off what turns me on,” not only reflects the exciting seduction of the world, but also the guilt one might feel when offhandedly seduced by something not so sexy. Whichever track you choose as your favorite, not only will the tunes be on loop in your head all day, the lyrics are some that you can’t help but want to scream out!

Listen below and grab your copy of MASSEDUCTION out now!